The different areas of the law

Lawyers in Spain are professionals who play the law or legal profession amounted to defend in court a person in writing or orally or intercede for someone speaking on their behalf, since ancient times for its Latin sense meant advocatus ad that called a y vocatus  that means called.

Nowadays lawyers in Spain also employed to advise on legal matters or also to act on them, and be the strongest defense against abuses that violate the rights of citizens.

As will be the issue became more important until today, we can see that the concept of law is developed in two (2) distinct areas that are:

  1. It is the investigator of positive law that is dedicated to defend in court, in writing or orally, the rights or interests of the litigants
  2. It is authorized to give opinions on the issues and legal points that you consult legal specialist.

In both areas are given the opportunity to setting up a business in Spain, therefore, the legal profession, has acquired, through time, more importance, to the extent that it represents the highest exponent of defense no individual rights, if not guarantees of the Constitution and since all citizens have the same guarantees as well, all we are satisfied as potential clientele of lawyers.

Possessing liberal democratic governments that respect and extol the practice of law and state in their constitutions the inviolability of the defense in the trial of the person, their property and their rights, have ensured the legality to setting up a business in Spain of topics legal and legal action